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Flameless - Oxygen Enriched Burners

Mildflame® Flameless - Oxygen Enriched Burners

Mildflame® Burner is a Flameless - Oxygen Enriched Burner, designed and manufactured for working under continuous and heavy duty conditions. It is well suited for high temperature applications where combustion air is preheated, especially in reheat and aluminium melting furnaces.

Above 850 °C furnace temperature, flameless operation is achieved by means of air flow manipulation using the switch valve at the air inlet. Air nozzle velocity increases in flameless combustion mode and the flame temperature decreases due to recirculation of combustion products into the reaction zone. Optimal design of the burner provides benefits of temperature uniformity, reduced NOx and CO emissions and low excess air operation.


Capacities: 550 – 3300 kW

Fuel: Natural gas

29 % Oxygen Enrichment

Preheated air operation up to 500 °C

Continuous working up to 1600 °C

Low flame temperature

60 ppm NOx

Applications Areas

Mildflame® Burner

Reheat Furnaces

Aluminium, Copper, Mine Melting Furnaces

Glass & Frit Melting Furnaces

High Temperature Applications

Fuel Savings

Mildflame® Burners operate with 5 % and lower excess air.  Complete combustion is offered up to 2 % excess air with low CO emissions (<10 ppm).

Significant energy saving is achieved by complete combustion under low excess air conditions.

Mildflame® Burners - Reheat Furnace

Reduced Scale Formation

In the iron & steel industry, the oxide formation (scale) composed during the hot working, causes serious material losses. Making the combustion process with low air excess ratio, can reduce the scale formation. Reduction of oxygen, from 2.2 % to 1,1 % and reduction of scale formation, from 1 % to 0,7 % cause 2.4 % fuel saving.

Uniform Temperature Distribution

Uniform furnace temperature distribution provides several benefits,

• Improved product quality and furnace efficiency.

• Elongated refractory life.

• Increased heat transfer and fuel savings.

Mildflame® Burners - Reheat Furnace


Mildflame® Burners - Product Brochure

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