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Flameless - Oxygen Enriched Burners

MSB® High Velocity Burners

MSB® High Velocity Burners have been designed suitable for hard working conditions. Their working principle is based on staged combustion technology, they have high flame velocity. High velocity pulls the combustion products like a third component to the reaction zone and this blocks local high temperatures.

MSB® burners can work both with extra air (λ=40) and rich fuel mixture (λ=0.7). This option provides advantages for different applications.

Packaged Burners


Capacities: 50 – 2200 kW

Fuel: Natural gas and other industrial gases

Turndown ratio: 1:50

Combustion air using up to 450 °C

Low NOx emissions

Applications Areas

Heat Treatment Furnaces

Ladle Heating Systems

Aluminium, Copper, Mine Melting Furnaces

Glass & Frit Melting Furnaces

Industrial Heaters

Ceramic Furnaces

Retrofit for Existing Furnaces

Different Flame Tubes

Metal Flame Tube - 1100 °C

SiC Flame Tube - 1350 °C

Refractory Tile - 1600 °C

MSB® Burners - Metal Flame Tube


MSB® Burners - Refractory Tile

MSB® Burners - Product Brochure

MSB® Burner - Performance Tests

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