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Flameless - Oxygen Enriched Burners

NHG Industrial Gas Burners

NHG Industrial Gas Burner has been designed suitable for continuous and heavy working conditions. It can burn Natural Gas,  LPG and COG. Burner is available for continuous high temperature applications up to 1600 °C and for using hot combustion air.


Capacities: 400 - 13500 kW

Fuel: Natural gas, LPG, COG

Using combustion air up to 600 °C

Low NOx and CO Levels


Continuous working up to 1600 °C

High temperature resistance

Increased efficiency, fuel savings

Higher quality production

Reduced scale and dross formations

Elongated refractory life

Application Areas

Reheat Furnaces, Ladle Heating Systems

Aluminum, Copper, Mine Melting Furnaces

Glass & Frit Melting Furnaces

Industrial Heaters

Rotary Dryers


NHG Industrial Gas Burner

NHG Burners - Pusher Type Reheat Furnace

Ignition Types

Hot Combustion Air - Spark Plug

Hot Combustion Air - Pilot Burner

Cold Combustion Air - Pilot Burner

Different Refractory Tiles

Diverging Tile

Converging Tile


NHG Burner - Frit Melting Furnace

NHG Industrial Burners - Product Brochure

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