Mildflame Flameless - Low NOx Burners
Technical Features
Capacity: 550 - 5000 kW
Working Temperature: 1600 °C
NOx Level: 60 ppm (Furnace Temperature: 1200 °C, Combustion Air Temperature: 450 °C, 5 % Oxygen)
Operation with 5 % and Less Excess Air
Flameless Combustion Achieved Above 850 °C Furnace Tempeature
Fuel Saving
Reduced Scale Formation
Uniform Temperature Distribution
Elongated Refractory Life
Increased Furnace Capacity
Better Product Quality
Reduced Scale Formation
In Iron & Steel Industry, oxide formation (scale) composed during the hot working causes serious material losses. Making the combustion process with low Xs air reduces the scale formation.

Working with 5 % and lower Xs air, Mildflame Burners offer reduced scale formation for Reheat Furnaces. Reduction of oxygen from 2.2 % to 1.1 % and reduction of scale formation from 1 % to 0.7 % would cause 2.4 % fuel saving.
Documentation & Price List
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