NHD Gas - Oil Combined Burners
NHD Gas - Oil Combined Burners can work with both gas and fuel oil. It is suitable for working under heavy duty conditions. Burner turbulator has been manufactured using high quality refractory material. The burner can work continuously at high temperatures against both negative and positive cross pressure.
Technical Features
Capacity: 600 - 6500 kW
Fuels: Natural Gas, LPG, COG, Oil - No: 2, 4, 6 and Others
Working Temperature:
Max. 1600 °C
Combustion Air Temperature: Max. 600 °C
Ignition: PB 01 Pilot Burner
Diverging and Converging Burner Tiles
Application Areas
Reheat Furnaces
Ladle Heating Systems
Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces
Copper Melting Furnaces
Frit Melting Furnaces
Rotary Furnaces
Documentation & Price List
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Application Areas
Spare Parts
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