MSB Refractory Dry - Out Burners
Designed as a compact - portable system, MSB Refractory Dry - Out Burners offer high Xs air operation for refractory dry - out, furnace heat - up and PWHT applications. With their advantages and user friendly features, MSB Burners are preferred by refractory installer companies, dry - out teams and end users around the world.
High Xs Air Operation
MSB Burners are suitable for working with high Xs air. They can work with 1:1000 fuel/air ratio.

During the process, MSB burners can work continuously against positive cross pressure.
Available Fuels
Systems can work with gases fuels such as Natural Gas, LPG, etc. as well as liquid fuels such as Light Oil, etc.
Compact Design, User Friendly System
System is completely designed for the needs of the operators. Combustion air fan, gas train and control cabinet are all located inside the transport car.

During the operation and maintenance, every instrument of the system can be reached and detached easily.

Individual parts of the system such as, burner, air trim valve, gas & air flex hoses can be stored inside the transport car and can be delivered from factory to factory easily.
Temperature Monitoring & Recording System
Furnace temperatures, gas & air flow rates of the burners, furnace inside pressures, alarms and system faults can be seen locally on the recorder ’s touch panel.

Operators can also track these datas from a long distance in their PC or main system via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Modbus, etc.
Flow Measurement Systems
System offers integrated gas & air flow measurement systems, optionally. Operators can locally follow the gas & air flow rates on the display of the flow transmitter.

This way, they can adjust the fuel/air ratio more precisely with minimum effort.
Furnace Heat - Up Applications
Over the years, refractory linings of the furnaces are getting old and replaced with new ones. Replaced refractories need to face a dry - out process according to the temperature graphics of the refractory. With their high Xs air operation and precise temperature control, MSB Burners are used in furnace heat - up applications up to 1050 °C, especially in glass furnaces.
Application Areas
Glass Furnace Heat - Up
Blast Furnace Runners Dry - Out
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
Mobile Heat Treatment Burner Systems
Steel Ladles
Iron & Steel Industry
Aluminium Industry
Cement Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Industrial Boilers
Documentation & Price List
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