PB Pilot Burners
PB Pilot Burner is a process burner which is suitable for ignition of industrial burners, melting, heating, holding applications and others. PB Pilot Burner ‘s ignition has been done by spark plug which can be also used as the flame sensor (ionization) of the burner. Flame characteristics of the burner are adjustable by using the valves on the gas & air inlets of the burner. PB Pilot Burners are delivered together with gas & air shut - off valves, proportional pressure regulator, venturi mixing unit and flex gas hose.
Technical Features
Capacity: 15 - 23 kW
Fuels: Natural Gas, LPG and Others
Adjustable Nozzle Length up to 500 mm
Fixed and Movable Process Connections
Easy Installation, Control & Maintenance
Economical Spare Parts
Application Areas
Ignition of Industrial Burners
Melting, Heating & Holding Applications
Packaged Solution
PB Pilot Burners can be delivered as a complete system together with gas train, air line instruments, fan and control cabinet.
Documentation & Price List
Please contact us via info@yetencombustion.com for documentation and to get your exclusive prices.
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