MSB High & Medium Velocity Burners
Technical Features
Capacity: 90 - 600 kW
Working Temperature: Max. 1600 °C
Turndown Ratio: 1:50
Oxygen Enrichment: Max. 24 %
Rich (λ = 40) & Lean (λ = 0.7) Combustion Options
Low NOx Emissions
Different Flame Tubes
Metal Alloy Tube: Max. 1050 °C
SiC Tube: 1300 °C
Refractory Tile: 1600 °C
Fish Tail Flame Tubes are available for materials above.
Application Areas
Reheat Furnaces
Heat Treatment Furnaces
Ladle & Tundish Heating Systems
Aluminium Holding Furnaces
Ceramic & Refractory Brick Furnaces
Rotary Furnaces
Tunnel Kilns
Documentation & Price List
Please contact us via info@yetencombustion.com for documentation and to get your exclusive prices.
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