Lanemark DB Burners
Technical Features
60 - 660 kW
Turndown Ratio: 1 : 40
Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane
Control Voltage: 230 V, 110 V
Combustion Air Fan Supply: 400V/3ph/50 Hz, 230V/1ph/50Hz
Flame Sensing: Flame Rod, UV Scanner
Control Options: On/Off, High/Low, Modulating (Gas Only)
Packaged Burner Solution
Lanemark FDE Burner Systems includes,

- Lanemark FDE Burner
- Combustion Air Fan
- Manual Sliding Air Adjustment Damper
- Compact Monoblock Gas Train
- Burner Control Panel
Application Areas
Pre - Treatment Dryers
Final Treatment Ovens for Paint Drying and Curing
Conveyor and Batch Dryers
Textile and Fabric Dryers
Rotary Moulding Machines
Food Processing
Powder and Grain Dryers
Design Standard
Lanemark FDE Burner Systems are designed according to the requirements of EN 746 - 2 (Europe) or NFPA 86 (US) safety standards.
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