Lanemark TX Tank Heating Burners
Lanemark TX series high efficiency, small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems offer end users the most cost effective method of heating process liquids which are used in many areas of industry.
Technical Features
60 - 2100 kW
Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane
Control Voltage: 230 V, 110 V
Exhaust Fan Supply: 400V/3ph/50 Hz, 230V/1ph/50 Hz, 460V/3ph/50 Hz
Flame Sensing: Flame Rod, UV Scanner
Control Options: On/Off, High/Low, Modulating (Gas & Air)
Packaged Burner Solution
Lanemark TX Burner Systems includes,

- Lanemark TX Burner
- Exhaust Fan
- Exhaust Damper
- Compact Monoblock Gas Train
- Burner Control Panel
Application Areas
General Tank Heating Applications
Degreasing Tanks
Spray Pre-Treatment Lines
Design Standard
Lanemark TX Burner Systems are designed according to the requirements of EN 746 - 2 (Europe) or NFPA 86 (US) safety standards.
Application Areas
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